North Carolina Aircraft Refinishers Wants to Become One-Stop Shop

BOSS Aircraft Painting

There’s an old joke that boat stands for ‘break out another thousand.’ The joke is that no matter what you do, there’s always some work to be done on a boat, and it can get expensive. The real joke is that many boat owners have no idea what type of work is involved in maintaining a personal aircraft. Maintaining your airplane, helicopter, or glider can be a tedious process as you fly from shop to shop to get all your regular maintenance taken care of.

One aircraft painting shop is seeking to make it easier for their local and visiting clients by offering several aircraft refinishing services under one roof. Many aircraft services are excellent at what they do, but the problem is they only do one thing. Boss Aircraft Refinishers wants to make life easier on their clients by providing several aircraft refinishing services under one hangar.

Boss’s three hangars and their over 20,000 square feet of space are staffed by highly-experienced personnel, and there is an on-duty licensed A&P/IA mechanic on duty always. In these three hangars Boss can assist with body repair and dent removal, repaint and refinishing, exterior and interior touchups including weather stripping, interior trim and upholstery, door seal replacement, and more. Boss doesn’t just take care of your craft’s aesthetics but can also assist in engine rebuilds and other regular mechanical services. Boss can also perform regular inspections of the aircraft including 100-hour and annual inspections. These services and more make Boss an easy place to choose for their clients.

Every additional stop or flight you make to have your aircraft worked on is another bite from your bottom line. You can avoid the fuel and time costs of stopping at multiple venues by choosing a multi-service center like Boss Aircraft Refinishers. Let’s face it, maintaining an aircraft can be an expensive hobby or profession so negate some of those costs by finding a centralized location that can help with all your aircraft needs.

It’s one thing to have your aircraft worked on by professionals, and it’s another thing to have those professionals know several trades and be able to perform multiple services on your aircraft. Luckily pilots can have their cake and eat it too by seeking a one-stop shop staffed by professionals like Boss Aircraft Refinishing.

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