Defense Attorney Offers Advice on Hiring DUI Attorney

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If you find yourself arrested or charged with driving under the influence (DUI), the next days and weeks can have a large part in determining your future for possibly years. It’s recommended anyone charged with a DUI hire a lawyer, but some are more concerned with grabbing your money compared to helping your case.

We spoke with top 100 trial lawyer Will Frankfurt of Denver-based Frankfurt Law Office for some helpful tips on hiring an attorney for your DUI case, here is what Frankfurt had to say about finding the best possible representation.

4 Tips for Hiring a DUI Attorney from a DUI Attorney

DUI attorney

Reviews First

Begin any online search for a DUI attorney by looking at reviews. This can help you make a short list of highly-rated attorneys in your area. Try to search for three to five firms or attorneys before you refine the searching process.

Size Isn’t Always Your Friend

You might want to hire the biggest and best law firm, but Frankfurt doesn’t always recommend it. When you hire giant firms, you do get their resources, but often at the expense of communication and one-on-one meeting time. Smaller firms can typically give you more face time which leads to greater peace of mind.

Who Handles Your Case?

Who will be the one handling your case? You hire the name of the law firm, not their rookie law employees, so be certain your case will be handled by whom you hire. When meeting with prospective attorneys simply ask – “Who will be handling my case”?

Look for Success

Of course, you want your attorney to help your case, so look to their past successes. Hiring an attorney does not mean you will automatically be found ‘not guilty’ of your transgressions but good lawyers can help the courts help you. Look for an attorney that can illustrate past success in the court before hiring.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, you’ll need a DUI attorney to assist you through the process, but a bad hire could put you in a worse situation. Be patient when selecting a DUI attorney and be certain they’re a fit for you and your case. An attorney by your side can help you get your life back on track and help rectify your mistakes so you can move forward again.

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