Colorado Jeweler Tells a Story with Each Piece

john atencio

Humans have been adorning themselves with jewelry for thousands of years so it’s difficult to be original in the jewelry business. Many major jewelry manufacturers get sucked into complacency and churn out the same basic designs year after year with only small differences. This saturates the market with boring pieces that you can find anywhere.

When purchasing jewelry most are shopping for a piece that will mean something to themselves or to the person receiving the gift, so they don’t want to buy the same thing everyone else has. How do you create original jewelry? Make it tell a story. That’s the approach Colorado jeweler John Atencio has been taking for over forty years and the proof is found in Atencio’s striking original jewelry.

The first story and first Atencio piece came while he was a business student at Colorado State University. Instead of shopping for one of the generic rings found from most major manufacturers Atencio wanted to create a special one-of-kind silver ring for his girlfriend. Atencio designed and sculpted the ring – and got the girl. While there’s no guarantee that buying your boyfriend or girlfriend an Atencio ring will turn them into a spouse – the uniqueness of the designs will undoubtedly captivate the gifted.

Though every piece of jewelry is designed by Atencio himself, the beauty in the jewelry is that Atencio allows the purchaser to write their own story. The bold but classic styles can remind you of a place, send you back to an early date, even take you to the striking features of the Rocky Mountains where Atencio resides and makes his designs.

Since that first ring at Colorado State Atencio has designed and crafted dozens of engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, wedding bands, and more. Each with a story all their own. Atencio pulls the inspiration for his jewelry from the people he meets, the places he goes, and the place he calls home – the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. This unique approach gives all Atencio’s designs a personal touch and distinct design that can’t be found in many of the “big box” jewelry retailers who are more concerned with the bottom line than the people who will wear the jewelry.

John Atencio jewelry can be found online and directly from jewelers in denver carrying the Atencio collections.

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